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    Opinions needed - Setup from here

    Opinions needed - Setup from here
    Of course I want to keep the weight down as much as possible.
    I hae a lot of materials and I just dont know what to do next besides the cat tarp.

    So far this is what I have.....

    Double layer 1oz hammock, amsteel and whoopies. Its comfortable. 10' L hanging, 5' wide - 20 oz - sides are partially open to stuff in pads etc.

    Full Length drape mosquito net - 1oz netting

    2.5 oz climasheild/M90 top quilt.
    No bottom Quilt.

    Large 1/4" GG pad - 39x59 10-12 oz. Thinking about perforating it so it breaths a bit.

    Small 1/8" GG pad - 2.8 oz

    Several 1/2 length 3/8 blue soft pads. Not the walmart hard pad.

    Thermarest small prolite 3

    6 yards of insultex

    9 yards of 5MM silk - .5 oz / yard

    5x9 poncho tarp - too small for this hammock

    8x10 sil nylon tarp

    Montbell #5 SS Synthetic - 33 oz

    -40DF older top quality down expedition bag to build something with.
    Going to strip the down out of it. Worked with down before and its a royal PIA but worth it in the end.

    10 yards of 66" 1.1 oz sil. Will build a 12' Long cat cut tarp like this one only longer. This will happen in a few days.

    Have probably about 2# to 2.5# of high quality down in my old bag.
    Thinking to build a 3" loft baffled down M55/M90 top quilt.

    Also probably a 4" bottom quilt of some size. Not sure on the size.

    Temp range from 75 dF summer
    15dF Winter


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    hmmm, if it were me, I'd make a pack cover, a UQ breathable over-cover and a gear hammock and maybe a couple peak bags. If it were me. I find those items to be highly useful (being that I don't have them and wished I had and have now been prioritized on my gear to get list, probably my next 3 items, not in that order).

    If you search the forums you can probably find the walk-through's for a 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 that'd knock at least 2 of those out in one swoop and get a couple perks as far as multiple additional applications.

    Maybe even a hammock sock as well.
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    I have actually been thinking about building a top and bottom quilt over cover out of M55 with a zipper or velcro.

    IE that would have all the cordage and whatnot on it and just stuff in whatever insulation I like.

    I had hoped that the silk would be down proof but it is not AFAIK.
    I originally bought it to use with Climashield.

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    How about a gear hammock that also doubles as a pack cover? Snake skins for the hammock and tarp? Ridge line bag/organizer? Top cover like the Bear Burrito? Lots of light weight stuff you have left to make.

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    It seems like you've got most of what you need right now. The tarp is probably essential, but the rest of it is most likely frills. What kind of weather are you going to be camping in? That'll help determine what you need next.

    I see you're in the Southeast, but that covers a lot of disparate climates. Florida is very different from the Smokies, for example. So, what kind of temperatures and precipitation are you looking at?

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