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    Question Placement of Figure 9ís on Tarp Support Line

    I tied off my tarp support lines directly to the tarp and move the figure 9 on the line depending on the pitch between trees.

    Is there a better way to use the Figure 9's with a tarp? This is in reference to the support lines not the lines going to the ground. I thought someone mentioned tying the Figure 9 with a small piece of line to the tarp. Then tying a loop in one end of the loose longer line, pass the line around the tree, through the loop and back to the Figure 9.

    What is your preferred method?


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    I don't know if this is the "best" way, but I make a short loop of cord (fisherman's bend or whatever you like best) and attach it to the eye of the Figure 9 with a larkshead, then to the tarp ridgeline pullout with another larkshead at the opposite "end" of the loop. Now your Figure 9 is attached to the tarp.

    Then I take a length of cord and tie a loop in one end (bowline, figure 8, whatever floats your boat), take the looped end around the tree, put the straight end through the loop and take it to the Figure 9 on the tarp.

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    I start by tieing the ridgeline to the tarp, then go immediately through the eye of the figure 9 twice, forming a clove hitch.
    This leaves the figure 9 next to the tarp end, but it could be moved if I ever saw a need.

    The ridge line is fairly long (about 15' I believe) & continues to the tree, around the tree, & back to the figure 9.

    This leaves the adjustment at the tarp's edge so if it's raining, i can re-tighten the tarp from under cover.
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    I have mine tied to the ends of my tarp. My support lines have a BPL micro biner attached to them which I pass around the trees and clip to itself. I then run it through the figure 9 as normal. My rational was the same as Slowhike's. I want to be able to adjust the tarp without getting wet.
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