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    That's pretty interesting. Only issue I see is if it rains you got mud and debris all over the bottom of the net which you then have to pack up into the bag with the rest of the net. So then the whole net has mud and debris on it.

    Not too bad though. I like it. I just dont like messy gear. The more 'off' the ground, the better.
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    HammoBunks with Little people

    Quote Originally Posted by HoosierGuy View Post
    Cannibal, thanks for the question. I found that during the day, the white mesh did indeed make visibility more limited than your standard OD from the surplus store.

    Nighttime was just the opposite, which I actually liked I would rather have a little more visability at night anyway...always good to see that bear strolling up to give you a sniff

    I really like the ability to stake out the floor and have a dry (and semi-secure) place for your pack and/or gear. Something I just thought of, if you have a buddy with you and the bugs are heavy, he or she could sleep at the bottom and you hang above in your it, wilderness bunk-beds
    Thanks Hoosier Guy...

    I needed that information. I found this review on your blog at before I found it here.

    Im in Australia and ordering this stuff from the US is a bit of a leap of faith sometimes and I really appreciate the reviews I get through the forum and blogs like yours!

    I am interested in this net for a very specific reason and I would love to know if anyone has tried it. You mentioned it above.

    I am looking for a solution to taking my boy camping in a very buggy environment: the Jungle in Far North Queensland, North Eastern Australia.

    Can you comfortably hang a "Hammobunk" inside this huge net?

    Have you tried it?

    Has anyone tried it?

    I'll need 30-40 cm of space between the suspension on the two hammocks and I see that I might need to do a little custom work to get the seal around the two suspension systems right.

    Or has anyone got another suggestion?


    Take Care.


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