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    Hammock Hang in New Zealand 2013?

    I have read tonnes of trips planned around the various parts of the US but a global invite is being sent out to come here to New Zealand for a hang holiday in 2013. I have travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and others will have their preference but for me (even though I live here), the South Island is the mecca for the outdoorsy type and I think it is the most scenic and diverse. Now, it is only a thought at this stage but if there is enough interest I will do an extensive research at places we can hang and thing we can do. I'm a sea kayaker so I have two good quality ones to use/borrow and see the coastline and lakes within the island if people want to use.

    Time of year: anytime you can get time off or if you want to come in the warmer months over here (Dec-March) or the cooler/winter months (April-Sept), other months can be sporadic as it can be either hot or cold (I guess like any day of the week, any day of the year!).

    It is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE! So if you come on your own, you've got friends or family; even if they don't have a hammock they can come along with their tents or if they rather want to sight-see and stay in hotels, it doesn't matter, it's just a great chance to meet new people and share some good times in a new environment.

    How long is the trip: What ever time you have spare (sorry, another vague answer!). What I'm illustrating is that it is flexible and if you want it more structured e.g. set times and set places like a tour then we can work something out like that. However, if you want to go with the flow, then that's cool and we can gather at certain places and make camp and have a good laugh (maybe at my expense!).

    The main thought of this trip was that it was in 2013, so if you're thinking of coming over to NZ, or you're looking at having a change and to experience something new, what better way to experience it in New Zealand trees!

    First off, it is expensive to travel, especially if you are over on the other side of the world so I can understand that it won't be a cheap trip but it's on your bucket list, then why not!

    Remember, it is only an idea and to see what you all think. If you like then I'll get going on what I can organise on places to stay and things that can be done in those places.

    Any thoughts, questions and/or ideas then feel free to comment...and if you are interested, then add when you think you can come, how many you think could come and anything else you like then that's cool. I'm self employed so I can organise my work around when you can but generally December is generally the busiest time for me, so I probably can't do that month. Any way, just let me know and we can figure some good stuff out!

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    If you can get a group hang going, why not see if you can get Tom Hennessy to at least visit? He spends part of the year there, developing gear.


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    You can count me in on a South Island hang! (I haven't got as far to go as most)

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