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    Cuben GrizzBeak

    Last summer I put together a GrizzBeak, made from cuben fiber, to be used with a (then) newly acquired MacCat Delux in cuben. It was all pretty straightforward so I didn't figure it warranted a posting, but here russmay pointedly asked for details, so here they are.

    I have some CT2K.08 in olive, roll width is 54". This pushes the template to have either the front or bottom edge be 54". It worked out that both were, with a 6" overlap at the top. Here's a template.

    I rolled the edges everywhere and ran a stitch to hold them, except where the two pieces of the beak come together. There I used double-sided tape I got from questoutfitters.

    To re-enforce the corner attachments I bonded and sewed into the rolled edge a small bit of 1.9 oz/yd nylon. I made corner tabs from grosgrain and
    attached at the edges with a single bar-tack (although there are stitches to hold down the grosgrain along the tarp-side corner, they aren't holding much.)

    Packed down the beak has the volume of about 2 decks of playing cards, and with the cord at the corners comes in at 2.25 oz.

    It's a nice light addition to the pack that gives a lot of protection from wind and rain at what would otherwise be an open end of the tarp.
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