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    Whoopies - a must!
    I've done this and love it. I also use dutch clips on my huggers and when I made my whoopies, I put the adjustable end through the loop on the hugger. No pieces to fall off or loose.

    Make for a super fast set up and simple to adjust.

    As far as weight/bulk savings - yes to both. A lot? Not really (couple of ounces maybe), but I do notice the difference in bulk.

    Besides, It looks cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatle405 View Post
    Hey guys, I currently have a Blackbird with the adjustable webbing. I really like it, but I also feel compelled to change things up so I made some whoopies with some 7/64 amsteel blue and got some Lash-It for the ridgeline. What's the best way to do the swap?

    Also, when swapping the Lash-it for the ridgeline, what points do I need to measure for the 100" ridgeline? Is it from fixed loop to fixed loop, or do I have to account for the amount looped onto the new whoopies? Does that make sense?
    mine are 100", that's tip to tip, but also fully stretched. a length of 7/64 that long will lengthen quite a bit as it tightens down (spliced or tied), 2mm would do the same, but probably not quite as much.

    also, the bb requires one extra step, it's important to make sure you insert the suspension through the small black loop in the edge binding of the blackbird as shown in the pics. there is one loop at each end of the hammock.

    once ridgeline loops are tightened down first by hand, get in the hammock and pull down on the RL with a good amount of force to "set" it.

    here's the tutorial link with pics:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delboy View Post
    So why did you switch suspension? Just to save weight?
    I've been thinking of doing this with Dutch stuff (Hooks, Buckles, and perhaps Quilt Hooks) on my Traveler just because. Quite happy with the Adjustable Webbing but the Traveler is the play with hammock and I have a set up in mind that will be fun to try. The Buckles will allow me to work with the larger trees (longer straps) we have in California and the Hooks will let me keep the suspension away from the hammock during packing (we also have trees with sap). If it works like I think it will, the BBs may not be far behind...pure curiosity overall.

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