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    Lightbulb Support Ropes Problem, Any ideas?

    I've been using an expedition asym since december. Arround january something wierd happened to the tips/ends of the support ropes: i hope i can be clear on this since im not sure of the tecnical name of the parts of the rope. There is like this kind of light colored solid tube inside the rope covered by the black fabric of the rope. When i first got it, the whole rope, up to the tip, was solid,meaning the solid inner tube went all the way to the ends. But arround a month later of indor use, the end of one of the ropes kindof went flacid. I supose the inner solid thingy moved towards the hammock because about 2inches from the tip, it gets solid again. Some time afterwards the same thing happened to the other rope. It may be that the elastic part of the rope, the outer fabric, stretched and its something normal to happen. As i say, since then, almost 5 months, i still use it, under various climates and i have had no problem whatsoever. Im just concerned its not normal or it may turn into a potencially problematic situacion. I've been tempted to cut the flacid part and burn the tip so the outer fabric's tip meets again with the solid inner part as it did when I bought it. So any suggestion?

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    that just happens to rope that has a cover, i think the cover probably just gets a bit more stretched out.

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    The rope is made of two parts, the core and the woven cover. You can cut off the two inches and melt the end. It should stay together after that.

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