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Using the "breath test:" I don't think they're a vapor barrier, but pretty close, similar to IX, I think they'll breathe, but very little. more like a vapor resistor...
>>> This is data from the manufacturer, it's not breathable at all ...

"" In response to your new questions: Thermoflect is inherently impervious. However, when used in neonatal applications, overheating is not an issue as with straight polyethylene. We are working on MVTR testing but it is not yet complete. We receive very few reports of patient condensation. However, the potential is there. ""

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OK, Some details: the one I have is 4'x4', with rounded corners and a cutout for your head. If I ignore the cutout, and square it off, it's 16-sq ft = 1.78sq yds. Weight: 2.4oz. Oz/sq yd = 1.34oz. Of course with the missing fabric, it's probably more like 1.4-1.5oz/yd... so, yes, it's light, but not as light as 1.1 nylon.
*** And to the weight >>>

"" Thermoflect weighs 48 gsm which converts to 1.4156891895740817 ounces per sy. I hope this helps and I am sure the samples will clear up all the confusion. ""

So I'd say you're spot on here John ..

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Ideas for use:
<<< And their reply to this

"" Thanks so much for checking! I look forward to seeing your magical silver devices ""

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Other ideas?
<< so be sure to post them up here .. I have forwarded this thread to them and they wanna' see the ideas the stem from here using their products ...