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Like Outandback mentioned, 2-4 weeks is a pretty average (if not short) time to wait for a custom built tarp. Since his announcement he is calling it quits, he mentioned he had "in stock" tarps ready to ship out. More than likely you ordered a tarp that's not in stock.

He's gotta be swamped now.
I ordered one of the in stock tarps and it's been 2 weeks for me, as well. I don't need the tarp right now (a micro isn't going to do me a whole heck of a lot of good in the MN winter), but I have been a little surprised at the level of service given OES's reputation.

I'm sure he's VERY busy with the move and closing down, that's not an easy time for anyone. Some sort of communication would have been nice even if it had just been a notice at the time of ordering that it would take a couple of weeks for even in stock product.

I know I'll get the tarp and I'm sure I'll love it.