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    Bug netting: up ways or down ways?

    I know for most of you guys summer is still a ways away and bugs are far from your mind- but here it's hot, there are biting insects possible all year round, and I need to make a new bug netting (from Tulle or similar- my current net isn't fantastic and weighs quarter of a kilo) and I'm debating on the design (which is why I'm putting this here, in the bug net etc forum.).

    Should I go for a TED, or a Fronkey?

    Both are simple shock cord mechanisms, it's just that the Top Entry Detachable (TED) bug net is top entry and has two shock cord lengths (and a top cap) and the Fronkey is one loop of shock cord.

    The Fronkey you enter from the bottom, the TED from the top.

    The Fronkey doesn't look as detachable, but the TED has the extra cap to sew.

    What are your thoughts? I seek the advice of people who have used hammock bug nets more than I have- which is probably everyone on this forum!

    I am a short person with short arms, so am not considering a bug sock at this time.
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