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Thread: OES Tarp for HH

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    Jeff, thanks for the purchase!

    As for me, any and all OES sales are going directly to the "Brian wants to study German in Berlin" fund, as I cannot afford it otherwise (I'm already paying $ @&#&! for tuition).

    I got back up to school yesterday, and I am getting setup to do a few MacCat runs while I am up at school, so I won't be shutting down like last semester. I unfortunately do not have the materials or space to make rectangular tarps, but I should be able to keep MacCat's in stock and ready to go out. Thanks again to everyone for their kind support!

    P.S. Birddog, who you callin' little?!?! :-P


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    Out of all the good things I say, you take one word out of sound like my wife......THE FIRST ONE!

    Just kidding. Anyone who is not a big box place is "little" in my opinion!

    Just Jeff made me do it

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