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    Jazilla is right. Some here have lots of experience building bridge hammocks. I do not know of many on HF who have experience making spreader bar hammocks. You are experimenting, and I am very interested in your results.
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    That makes me feel extra special then.

    Here's what I've got now, which I'm pretty happy with....

    The ends of the hammock were sewn snuggly for 3/4" PVC pipe. I got 1/2" wide iron pipe because it was cheaper. This slid in and out of the ends of the hammock easily, but it was almost too easy... because while someone was in it, the pipe would become vertical from all the fabric sliding to the top of the pipe. Wrapped two of the iron pipes in twine, then slept in it one night. Came to realize that, even tho I used a file to round out the inside of the iron pipe as smooth as possible, it was still cutting my amsteel whoopie sling triangle suspension.

    Returned to Home Depot and got the "pipe man", who cut my 10 ft pipe into four equal 30" sections to add threaded ends onto the two sections that I didn't already twine. Then I searched for something that would fit to smooth out the threading, realized it wasn't threaded properly and got him to re-thread the ends a bit deeper the second time around. Then got some 1/2" bushing end cap thingys from the electrical section. Looks like the amsteel is still cutting into these bushing end caps, but luckily, they're only $0.25 a piece. I guess the only real solution is for me to really round out the inside edges of the pipe when I get some time.
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