Poverty Prevention has kept me from getting out to the woods to set up the HHDJ, but the other day I remembered that I had a backyard hammock frame stashed under the house (no basements here in TX), so I set it up in the backyard. Spent Sunday afternoon like this:

Worked OK, but was way too low to the ground and had some mount/dismount issues.

Last night I tried sleeping in 40 degree weather. I chucked in an extra Magellan mummy sleeping pad in with the HH Reflectix and another off-brand rectangular pad inside the hammock with me. Used a Eureka 30 degree mummy bag with a Swiss Army surplus fleece bag liner as a TQ and a Magellan inflatable pillow. Ran the HH tarp close to the bug net as a top cover and clipped it off to the hammock guys to keep it there. Everything worked fine except I had about a 2" wide uninsulated strip running right across the top of my shoulders. There was some condensation on the tarp when I got out. It might not be a fair test, though, as the extra pads brought the hammock into contact with the cross bar on the hammock frame, so I was technically not hanging.

I've got a big piece of reflectix I picked up along the side of the road a few days ago. I think I'm gonna cut me a piece off to use as shoulder wings and see how that works.