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    First Impressions of my new Trek Light

    1. The priority shipping was fast, even though the post office used Sunday to stretch the usually 2-3 day process into 4 days.

    2. Extremely easy to set up. 5 minutes after finding the box on my front porch, I had already attempted to have it hung, only to find that the trees were too far apart, to finding suitable trees and resting comfortably inside it.

    3. With the carabiners, the S hooks are pretty much useless in my opinion, so I removed them. I scratched my head on exactly how to remove them until I realized that you could feed the entire hammock through the whipping rope in order to undo the rope's grip on the hooks.

    4. The rope that came with the carabiner bundle is really nice and really strong. When I kept reading how they should be changed to webbing because they could damage trees, I sort of blew that off. But after about 10 to 15 minutes in my hammock, I noticed that they managed to "eat" into the soft wood of the pine tree I had one side strapped to. That, combined with a bit of "roll slippage" when I first sat in the hammock and it pretty much convinced me that those ropes will have to be put into a back-up role as soon as I make my own webbing straps.

    5. The double really was the best choice for me. There was enough material on both sides to cover up with if need be.

    6. At times there was a nice little breeze and it didn't take long for me to realize that I was really feeling it on my backside as well, which was great. However, at night some sort of insulation will have to be used.

    I'll post pictures as soon as I have time. I'm also going to be rigging this up indoors somehow.
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