Blaze, thank you for the video. I like the idea. I actually like the first part of your second video better, as the like running from the ridgeline to the pole runs through the pull out tab, instead of pulling on it directly. When it gets windy, it would allow more freedom of movement for the tarp on the line, as the pull out tab can run freely along the line. In the second part of it, you have it attached directly to the pull out tab, which would cause more tension directly on the pull out (and thus more tension on the tarp stitching around the pull out).

I noticed that there seems to be a little more slack in the tarp material between the pull out tab and the end of the tarp at the ridgeline with that set up too. When you had it attached directly to the prussic at the ridgeline, the tarp seemed to be pitched more taut.

So, with your earlier video showing the ridgeline inside the tarp and outside the tarp, you stated that it looked better with it inside - a more taut pitch overall. With this video, you again show a full length ridgeline running outside the tarp. Have you tried it with this set up, but running inside the tarp? What about with a non-continuous ridgeline - just a line attached from the tree to the ring on each end?