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    Followed this setup using my Toxaway this weekend. Works great as mentioned, although wind sheer can still push the sides in a bit. I suppose that'd also be the case if using shockcord w/ lines attached directly to the loops though, and frankly I don't like the idea of not using shockcord w/ the panel pullouts.

    For my pullout guy lines, I made a fixed loop in one end and then tied a shockcord loop through that. I still use S-biners to attach my tarp to the ridgeline so the loops are easily clipped in. Further down the lines I prusik'd on some of Dutch's quilt hooks, which I can then use to secure the guy lines around nearby branches, hiking poles, or to the mate hook on the other line. The hooks also are useful to hook onto the shockcord loops on the corners of the tarps when I want to put it in tarp mode. Granted, mitten hooks or even the smallest s-biners (#0) might work better to prevent line snagging, but this'll do (for now). Went w/ this method so that I can remove hooks and stake down corners quickly (yellow line) and the pullouts will work without adjusting the pullout lines (red).

    Thanks to Blazeaway for the inspiration, this is a huge upgrade for me.

    Initial setup per his videos (to a large fallen branch nearby):

    Shockcord loops attached to s-biners:

    Guylines hooked together around tree & tensioned w/ prusiks. Notice how roomy it is beneath the tarp:

    Using the hooks at the corners for porch mode:

    Close-up of hooks:
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    It is a very alert, active sheep, with a stylish, lively carriage.

    I use a Juki & Pfaffs w/ assorted attachments, and have serviced lots of vintage machines. Any questions?

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