On Wednesday, I pulled the trigger and ordered a roll each of Zing-it and Lash-it as well as 100-feet of Amsteel from Redden Marine.

It arrived Friday; I was amazed at how fast it got to me!!! Thank you Redden Marine!!

I immediately got busy...

With the Lash-it, I made two hammock RLs, a 30-foot CRL for my tarp, four 10-foot guylines for said tarp, and numerous soft shackle prusiks.

With the Zing-it, I made a 50-foot line for my cuben bear bag.

I will likely be making whoopie slings out of the Amsteel.

I love all of the new things I've learned in the past year since I joined HF. I've gone from regular nylon ropes and webbing that sag and aren't very strong; to much thinner, lighter, and stronger cords that I've discovered here. Thank you to everyone on the HF for sharing your knowledge, know-how, and advice.