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Thread: Sleep systems

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    Sleep systems

    Ok I am intrigued after my original hot weather post. What are some of your sleep systems and weight that comes with them, not to mention carrying this stuff.

    My typical back packing trip with the tent, bag and pad is easy and I know how much back pack room it takes and weight, now I have the hammock, UQ, OQ, pad, pea pod, neat sheet, CCP, etc. I Know some of this is redundant and I'm just poking fun, but how much room does your various systems take up and how heavy?

    thanks ankh

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    Hennessey Hammock Explorer Ultralight from 2003, with the main ropes cut off, and two Nano biners, in the HH stuff sack: 26.5

    2x 12-foot sections of 1-inch webbing, 2 more Nano biners, 2 JRB tri-glides: 10.9

    Maccat Deluxe with 4 stakes, guy lines, 2 Fig-9's, in stuff sack: 17.5

    Z-rest, cut down to 8 sections: 7.95

    Western Mountaineering Megalite with stuff sack: 29.25 (OK, it's probably overkill, but it's what I have.)

    1/2 of a Gossamer Gear ground sheet: 0.65 oz.

    That's it for sleep systems. I know I could make it lighter with some applied cash, but it suits me for now. I'm good down to the high 40s with this, but it's more comfortable in the high 50s. So, summers only unless I bring a full-length pad. Yes, I want all 4 carabiners -- it makes the hang go very smoothly and quickly, and lets me separate my straps from my hammock when it's raining.

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