I went out this last weekend with my son and his scout troop to Lake Granger near us here in Austin. The weather was great, clear skies and no wind when we arrived. My son and I were concerned about finding some trees to hang in but there was a nice grove right by the car camp site. We got setup and did not put up the tarps since there was no rain forecast.

Finally got to sleep in my ENO Doublenest. I felt I had a lot more room then the Grand Trunk Ultralight I used last time. My son being smaller still loves his GTUL.

The wind picked up at around 2:30am and never was strong but was enough to flutter the ends of the hammock in my face. Around 5:30am I started getting cold on my butt and back. I kept checking and I was directly on my CCF blue pad. I think with the wind it was just enough to cool the pad and start some convection heat loss.

Learned my lesson that from now on I will at least hang my tarp ridge line and have the tarp ready to deploy if not have it set to break the wind. I think with this I will not have any issues with the cold. My first hang it was about 10-15 degrees colder but I did not have this problem. I was using the same gear except for the Hammock but my first hang I had the tarp up.

Looking forward to my next chance to hang the hammock for the night.