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    Quote Originally Posted by llamadude View Post
    So yea i'm a pretty big guy and i'm looking for a hammock. I know nothing about hammocks as it is, besides how to kind of set one up... I'm looking for something that can keep the bugs and moisture and when raining the water out, as well as be able to hold like 350ish+ lbs of person and be able to accomodate someone at least 6'5". I've got this back pain i just can't seem to get rid of and i've heard that sleeping in a hammock can be good on your back. Anything would help please.
    Regarding back pain.....I just came back from a three week hammocking trip. The last night I had to go to the ground at Joshua Tree Nat Park. (not many trees). My back was killing me after just one night on the ground and that was on a state of the art air mattress. Prior to that I had nearly three weeks of painless, blissfull slumber in my Claytor Jungle Hammock. I can't explain why but I'm convinced hammock sleeping is great for your back. Keep in mind the head end is set up a bit lower than the foot end.

    Regarding hammock for a large person....check out the Claytor Jungle hammock. It's longer than most at about ten feet. I'm not sure about the weight rating but I suspect it's fairly high. I also have an ENO with their bug net system...It's OK but I greatly prefer the Claytor. I also don't find the extra width of the ENO double to be of any great advantage. I slept in both during the trip and have decided I prefer the all aspects of the Claytor. It also has a double bottom for inserting pads. It's definitely my favorite so far.

    Good luck, Miguel

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavscout View Post
    The Skeeter Beeter only goes to 250 I'm pretty sure. It's the "Pro" that goes to 400.
    You're right it is the skeeter beeter pro I meant to say. I just received one it is very large and roomy.

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