Tried out my 2 layer IX UQ last summer, and was not satisfied with the insulation. Only two trips and the IX edges were already fraying and it seemed to like to snap up and hit me in the head every time I moved.

I just got around to taking it apart, and had several fun-filled nights cutting the thread back off. For those of you who have not had the pleasure I cannot compare the tedium to anything else, but imagine it may be what golf is like - or cleaning a large bathroom with a toothbrush.

After taking it apart I think what happened is the IX was not spaced apart and the insulation was squashed, so I think I need some non-squishy material in the middle of the IX.

Anyways since it was the second DIY I have ever done, I thought I would share my new ideas... and hopefully get a "yes it will work" or "good god no"

I'm thinking that it would be fine to sew three sides of the IX, turn it inside out like a stuff-sack, add the climashield or primaloft, sew a few "baffles", and add the outer layers of ripstop (one light one dark). Use grossgrain only the edges and maybe put a little in the middle instead of going all the way around (this would reduce some weight and give me some extra grossgrain to mod my hammock with a stretch head/footbox.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions??