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    Gear Storage in a non BB hammock

    I love my BB. I love the shelf, but lately I have been having trouble sleeping on my back, especially in my hammock. Makes me snore and I don't snore at home. I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea now at home and I now see the advantage of breathing right all night.
    So.... I tried another hammock that I can sleep on my side in. I made a stretch side hammock and have one coming from WildernessLogics, too. But I knew I would miss the storage that's so handy in my BB, so I made this...
    It is a large snakeskin-like design with a large wire tie used on both the opening and the length of the top. This keeps it open all the time. There is simply a short length of bungee cord sewed in to make a loop that forms a half-closed door so nothing can slip out. Hope you like it.
    See also the mosquito net I made for it at the end of this first page.
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