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    Quote Originally Posted by Fronkey View Post
    Spot on!

    I'm still debating on whether or not to make a video on "How to make an underquilt." But, unless the girlfriend wants one, I won't be making one anytime soon anyways because I have 4 of my own.

    That'd be really helpful! I'm finding bits and pieces of info scattered around the forum. I wish there was at least one post that had a good step by step on how to make an uq....maybe you could just type one up for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    yeah i keep telling myself i'm going to make a video as well but i'm lazy when it comes to videos .....
    i still didn't edit the one i made for the NJ hang HAHAHAH
    i'll be making my new summer UQ in march half cuben half whatever i feel like using LOL... i might get some 7D for the outer shell but it's going to have 1.5 inch
    baffles 5oz of down 40F quilt should be 48x40 when it's done i'm trying to get it down under 10oz ...
    That's too funny! From what Jersey bear told me about you, you're better off not editing that video.

    I really want to make a half cuben quilt for my summer one and with Lawson outdoors selling some for $20 a yard, I just may do that.

    I've decided that I am going to make a video for it. I am going to write out an outline before I start making/filming so I make sure I cover everything with the right info. I'll probably send the outline to a few people first to make sure I don't miss anything because of a brain fart or something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Callahan View Post
    I'm sure some day, you will invent the Kiba'mock... pup's gonna need a quilt!

    I say "Video On!"

    The girlfriend wants me to make her a down jacket. lol I told her she can do it.


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