So as many of you know I am a Hammock Gear junky. I just love Hammock Gear quilts I admit it. I have owned several Hammock Gear UQ's and TQ's from the oldest model to the newest. We all know that Stormcrow's and Jenny's quilts keep us toasty warm at night, are of excellent craftsmanship and quality, excellent customer service, and that Stormcrow is always coming up with new and innovative ideas on how to better fit his UQ's to a hammock.

So recently I ordered a custom 7D 20 Burrow (which I love in every possible way) and A 20 Phoenix M55 outer 7D inner (UQ weight 16.8 ounces). When I spoke with Stormcrow about these quilts he mentioned to me he had a few tricks up his sleeve to help improve the snugness of the UQ and prevent CBS. He also mentioned that he was adding draft collars to certain rated UQ's as well. We chatted about some of his ideas and IMHO they sounded great. One of them being a new oops almost slipped you'll have to wait on that one and the other was adding a piece of elastic band to the inner shell of the UQ horizontally to the vertical baffles under neath ones bottom in order to help lift the quilt up and better prevent CBS. In theory this sounded great and in actuality it worked even better.

I had a chance to test this new UQ this past weekend at the NJ Winter hang and I personally am a big fan of the new addition of the draft collars and especially the piece of elastic. I had no CBS and did not feel any drafts or cold spots underneath me. The UQ stayed in place and did not slip off me while I was soundly sleeping. When I slipped my hand underneath the UQ I could feel it hugging up against the hammock nice and tightly. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that this piece of elastic makes your UQ magically float you still have to crank down on the shock cord pretty tightly to lift it but this piece of elastic just seemed to do the trick in raising the UQ just enough giving it that little bit of extra push upwards to really give a nice fit against ones body. However the one thing that I did notice was that by adding this piece of elastic it shortened the width of the UQ every so slightly. I personally did not find this to be a problem and still felt that my shoulders and arms were well covered. Between the new design and this piece of elastic the UQ really molds to a persons body well. And the best part of it yet is that Stormcrow still has so many ideas and tricks up his sleeve in an effort to continue improving the fit of his UQ's. One small step for a hanger, one giant steep for Under Quilts. Stormcrow cant wait to see what you come up with for my 40 Phoenix, probably by them you will of invented a self levitating UQ which dosent even require a suspension . We all know you got that hidden alien technology . So as always thanks for another great set of quilts and thanks for all your efforts in keeping this community warm. Now I just got to wait for you to come out with that pod

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, Still waiting!!!!

And yes I know I need to weigh the TQ and post pics, Ill get around to it just been super busy.