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Also consider, like you, I use a mummy bag. It makes a *huge* difference when the only exposed skin is your lips and nose Also, though the insulation properties of the down underneath you is compromised by laying on it, I believe it is still non-zero and does help some.

I did use my bag as a quilt on warmer nights. It worked OK, but I still roll over quite a bit at night, and I invariably would awake to a cold exposed butt cheek. Seems more comfy to just zip the bag 1/2 way up.

Right before I got into using a hammock I bought a WM Summelite (full zipper) mummy bag for backpacking. Due to limited funds I was forced to use it in my hammock. But after a year of hammocking I find no reason to replace it.

I like the different options it gives me. The way the baffles are made I can shake most of the down to the top and fully zip it if I don't want to take the chance of exposing any body parts. I like that I can zip it up as far as I want or not. Or unzip it and use it like a quilt.

I think personal preference, experimentation, and how much moola you want to spend comes into play for a lot of this stuff. I, for one, don't like using a pad inside my hammock and went to an underquilt but for others it's a non-issue.

This is not a new statement, but for any newbies out there, there is no one way. Find what works for you and HYOH! That's what makes it so much fun!