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Nice job on both projects. I do have a question. You mention that the webbing in the center of the hammock where the bungee attaches to would keep the barrel knot from bearing against the burned hole. Wouldn't the barrel knot need to be on the opposite side (the inside) of that webbing so the bungee was pulling on the webbing and not the knot? Also would you need a barrel knot on each end of the bungee? Just dead head one end and have the other be the adjustable side. I might be looking at all this wrong to, so I'm really just asking, not telling. But great job, good info in the video, thanks. I have a new diy hammock in my future as well and I imagine its gonna be from knottys instructions.
Thanks for the tip. I didn't reference Knotty's directions enough for this part as he has it laid out very well.

I cut a small hole and heat sealed it on each of the webbing loops. I fed the ends of the shock cord through all of them. Overhand knot on each piece of shock cord, barrel knot only on the center pieces (not on all pieces). It actually works the way it should now