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I think the reason why there has yet to be a video on the entire process of making a quilt whether top or under is because it is a long time consuming process. Grizz made a few videos on on quilt making, but in his normal, lovable Grizz fashion lots of numbers and theory thrown out at you. So be sure to pay attention. Mostly though quilts are just a bunch of straight stiches. In my experience the thought/fear of making my own quilts was much worse than the actual process of making them. There is a lot of great information here on how to come up with the figures you need, read through them and then just put stitch to fabric. The worse that will happen is you have to undo a seam or two, the best you end up with a piece of gear custom made to your specifications and the sense of accomplishment knowing that you made it yourself.
I don't mind so much taking the time to make a detailed video. It's rather that I don't want to deal with all the questions that come with it.

For example, I was just going to make a video on how to make a 3/4, 3season uq with around 9oz of down. Show how to do the baffles etc. And I really think I can do it in a way that everyone understands and build up their confidence before making one for themselves.

But, with that I would get a ton of questions like, "What if I wanted to make it "this temp rating" or "if I used this fill how much down would I need" yada yada.

That's something I didn't want to particularly deal with as I like to keep thing simple and fun.

I've made a bunch of quilts for my friends and I. The quilts have had more trail time than the average hiker too as I get out a lot and have tested them like crazy so I know they work as expected.

I'm going to hunt down Grizz's videos and see what he has done.