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Well count me in for the videos. These are great learning tools. And I still appreciate the help you gave some time back on explaining the quilts to me.
The girlfriend will be out of the country for a week in March. So, I'm thinking I might be able to crank out quite a few videos that I've been wanting to get done. I've just been so dang busy lately.

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I remember an extremely bad time in a Swissgear tent bugnet, trying to manuever 2 oz of down. It takes no less than 3 weeks to extricate all the fly-aways from nasal passages, and I am sure that right now (8 months after), the sharp pin-cushion poking I have in my upper sinus cavity may be a micro quill.
Thanks dude!
I know exactly what you mean. That down likes to stick around forever, it's a lot like an ex-girlfriend. You just can't get rid of it no matter how hard you try.

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If it doesn't snow this year there a good chance it will next.
A sock is always worth having in the camp room standing by.
I would think they be great in the windy Spring as well.

I'd love to see a Fronkey (easy on the eyes, smart, and handy around the house) sock DIY video.
If you do one, I hope you will add some of the mods(pullouts, etc) we discussed.

thanks for a great video on how to deal with down.

Are you suggesting a video on how to make one? I actually haven't even thought of that. lol I would probably have to hold off on that one until next year. I am going to mod my current sock so more because I was thinking more about it and I think the side that I put my head would be a great place to add some tie outs.
I do however plan on doing a good walkthrough of my sock next time I take it out. Which I'm hoping is soon as long as we get some cold weather.

Thanks for watching!