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    Fighting the dreaded leg ridge

    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    Got it. So with the additional room in the WB 11 footer, are you then able to find a spot with less ridge pressure than the HH? Or about the same? Or does the HH have less ridge once all factors are accounted for?

    Does either have essentially no calf pressure?

    There you are, I'm sure you were wanting a whole bunch of questions, right?
    Lol lets see if I can answer them all. (I'm fighting silnylon right now and need a break anyway)

    In the 11' I can find much less calf pressure but I half to be careful, because if I don't watch for it a leg will fall asleep. I never had that problem with my HH. When I find the sweet spot/angle in the 11', there's almost no calf pressure at all. I was never really able to get rid of all the calf pressure in the HH, unless I was in a tight fetal position because I was cold.

    I think that some calf pressure is probably just part of the gathered end hammock. It how you work with it that makes the difference.
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    I think that some calf pressure is probably just part of the gathered end hammock. It how you work with it that makes the difference.[/QUOTE]

    this is what I was thinking too, there seems to always be that "wall" next to your leg that comes from the gathered end of the hammock. Makes the legs fall together.
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