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I've read that ozone acts like anesthetic for your taste buds - it doesn't do anything to the odor, just keeps you from smelling it. Also, it may not be good for you.
Ozone generators are used by car detailers and fire restoration companys to get rid of smoke and other odors. It chemically negates the odors. You should not be exposing your taste buds (or any part of you) to ozone as it is toxic at levels above what naturally occurs.

Ozone also breaks down rubber with long term exposure, hence, the warning on some products not to store them in confined spaces with running electric motors.

Edit...the one time I tried Febreze to get rid of a musty odor on some military surplus gear, I ended up moving the gear out to the garage for 6 months until the Febreze stink when away. That stuff is horrible!