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    I'm not in scouts, but I do a fair amount of mixed gender hiking and camping. My favorite hiking attire is also my favorite changing attire. That is a kilt. I find hiking and camping in a kilt to be very easy and comfortable. I am have some Scottish heritage so I am very proud of it. Changing clothes in a kilt is as simple as sliding a pair of pants on and removing the kilt. The same in reverse. Fasten the kilt, remove the pants and I'm ready to go.

    I am not saying it would be the best alternative for everyone, but it sure is better than messing around in a hammock trying to be a contortionist. And it saves stress on the ropes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishinFinn View Post
    I was waiting on you to chime in, CaveDiver!

    I picked the Clark for the same reasons, but I like having the options some of the other hammocks provide as well.
    What are some of the other options you like and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadtorque View Post
    What are some of the other options you like and why?
    Roadtorque I dont want to hijack your thread but if you read some of my post I think you will find out allot about me and the hammock of my choice.

    I am going to buy an open air hammock just to take out and set up for launch breaks and such on day hikes. and the Eno is one that I am looking at
    right now. I am not a DIYer not yet anyways.

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    I like the width of the DD, as well as the bug net and the double bottom. It's super-fine mesh, and nothing will get through it. Also, because it is short and wide, any tarp will cover the entire length of the hammock. You can't say that about some of the longer hammocks - I had a hard time finding a tarp long enough to cover the entire length of the ATHH without sacrifice on the width or coverage.

    I like the length and width of the Travel Hammock ATHH, and the multiple uses. This is the one I'm field testing. More to come on this with my review. I've been procrastinating writing it while dealing with the floods and bad weather around my area- trying to keep my garage and basement dry.

    I like the fabric on my Double Bottom DIY - super silky soft and comfortable. And it's the first DIY I ever did, so it holds special value to me.

    I like my super cheap no-name bargain hammocks because they are super cheap, super small, super light and I can take them anywhere and set them up quickly. I keep one in my car at all times, just in case. I can borrow them to friends, and not care so much if they damage them or don't return them promptly.

    And I'm sure I will like my skeeter beater and my BMB, when they come in.

    Tarps fit differently (length of each hammock is different) with each of these options, so depending on whether I want to use my DIY sock, I'll take a no-net double bottom, my DIY, or my DD. If I want quick and easy, I take my Clark. If I expect real bad weather, I'll take any of the above with a larger tarp. If I can guarantee there are no bugs, I'll go with a no-net over the Clark for ease of setup. There are So Many Options, and so many good things about different styles that it's impossible for me to settle down to one hammock. I like to experiment, and having the different hammocks gives me different "feels" when I'm hanging. Some are better in bad weather, some are preferred in nice weather. Sometimes I don't want to feel closed in and enjoy the view - sometimes I want to be closed off because of the mosquitos, ticks and noseeums. If I want to set up in my backyard or for an overnight, I'll usually go with the simplest hammock I have. If I will be gone for several days or more, I'll always take my Clark NA- more versatile for changing weather. I'll probably throw in the ATHH on long trips as a backup, and as a ground option if I need it.

    Does that answer your questions, or does it just muddy the waters further?

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