I recently field tested my new 20 degree full length UQ from LeighLo. I'm 5'9" and this quilt is 66", which is perfect from shoulder to toes. I am a cold sleeper, so I was planning on treating this as a 30 degree quilt, but we got to 29 on this trip and I was toasty. I did sleep with capilene pants, a longsleeve shirt with a fleece vest and a puffy jacket, but I unzipped the vest and jacket because I was hot. Slept nice and toasty, even with the wind. Not shown in the video is the tarp that I had set up, it is tyvek and the same dimensions as the Warbonnet Edge, so it isn't a winter tarp by any means. It was just enough to know down the wind a little bit, but I still felt the breeze a bit inside the hammock.