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    FREE Morse Mzz sewing machine

    I live in the Chattanooga area and have a Morse sewing machine. Only info I can find on it is: made in 1961. Linkage moves freely, motor will run but it turns really slow. Mite be gummed up from no use over the yrs. I took this machine in a trade last yr and have not messed with it. It has several attachments and it does have a bobbin in it. Only thing I see missing is the tensioner that is mounted on the front of the machine. Don't know how hard that would be to find.
    It is a cabinet model and very sturdy. Weighs two tons I think..... LOL Pretty dang heavy.
    The tag on it says: TZ.7
    Nope, I will not ship but you are free to come get it.

    The few reviews I have seen on it, it was a heavy duty machine and they sell on Ebay from $50 - $150

    Keep this machine alive.....come get it.

    Looks like this:
    Send me a PM if you are interested
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