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    DIY: Ergo/swissgearlabs hammock

    I would like to mention first that this wasn't my idea, I'm just attempting to imitate innovative thinkers. As you notice the hammock is rotated 90 degrees so you're head and feet aren't pointing towards the trees your attached to. I got interested in this type of hammock because I'm a bridge hammock guy and this seemed to give me the comfort without the use of spreader bars.

    I also prefer pads to the various forms of UQ. This hammock seems best when used with a pad, but not just any pads. As you can see the pad I have in the hammock curves and doesn't lay flat. This is because its a close cell pad. Where the hammock is laying flat is where I've placed my smaller thermarest air pad.

    Body of the hammock:

    -Its made from 1.1 ripstop folded over so the pad has a secure place.
    -The rope sides are 550. I had access to tons of the stuff for free. If I like this type of hammock I'll replace it with zing it or something similar.
    -The rope is tensioned to itself using prusik knots. The prusik are made from amsteel.


    My frist attempts have stunk thus far because: 1. I've used the wrong pad. 2. getting the rope to the right lengths has been very difficult. 3. some of the prusik knots have slipped on the 550 cord.

    I think know why Exped turned their hammock 45 degrees. It does feel a little weird getting in and laying down in the hammock. Once you settle in its not that big of a deal but I imagine that if its turned that much it probably removes some of the weirdness.

    The few good moments:

    Not all has been a waste. The few moments I got some things right I felt like I was in a bed. I know that once I get this thing right It will be as simple to put up like a gathered end and at the same time give me the comfort of a bridge.

    If anyone has any advice on the length of the ropes or how to find the right lengths I'm all ears. Any suggestions or wisdom of any kind to make this hammock better please share.

    IMG_3583 by pappy2012, on Flickr

    IMG_3586 by pappy2012, on Flickr

    Sewing the ripstop:
    1. laid the fabric on the ground. Placed the pad in the fabric. flipped the remaining fabric over pad and tucked the cut edges between the layers. This also created tucking spots for the pad.
    2. pinned the ends and sewed the edges together.
    3. sewed a channel for the pad. I found where the center of the pad meets the middle of the ripstop and then marked and sewed where the long edges were.
    4. I made a 1 inch rolled hem on hammock edge. I had three rows of stitching to make sure it was a sturdy hem.
    5. Attached webbing every ten inches to attach my rope.
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