Warning: this is another 'witch UQ should I choose' topic.

I have a few months to choose my first UQ and I would like to hear everyone's suggestions. I browsed trough entire UQ sub-forum and learned a lot but it's not easy to decide between all the great fabricators.

I'll be camping in mild and very hot weather, for now, with night temperatures as high as 30C and low as 5C. My current setup is: WBBB, Exped Wallcreeper and a thin Exped MultiMat. I'm pretty sure this will work in the heat of the summer but I was getting 'cold butt syndrome' at around 10-15C. I must admit that I've never slept in adverse (outdoor) conditions but I think I qualify as a hot (or at worst, neutral) sleeper.
Most of my trips are by motorcycle so weight is not an issue, but bulk is. I have limited space for an UQ therefor I'm not considering synthetics. Price is important and I'm looking to spend as little as possible for a quality gear.

I'm also on the fence about full length or 2/3 UQs. I'm 190cm/6'2'' tall and I would like full body coverage but facts like warm weather, warm sleeper, low bulk and low cost are pushing me toward 2/3 cut.

Here is how I see it at the moment:
Please forgive my childish handwriting.

I almost feel guilty for choosing one cottage-industry fabricator over an other because they are all great people and make quality products. Crossed out are the Quilts that are too expensive or to warm for me. Highlighted are my considerations. I'm open to any suggestion and critique. If vendors want to chime in, I'd like to hear what they think.