I had ordered an adjustable 4" elbow through a store in a town north of me and rather than have them send it down i decided to take the one hr drive up there and snowshoe to a ledge i new of for lunch.

Up at the town there were a couple of good views.

I picked up my elbow and headed south the the pull out where i would snowshoe in. Its a short snowshoe but well worth it. I settled in for lunch as the sun shone bright on a calm clear blue day.

Ledge part way down a cliff .

Bushbuddy and frezer bag cooking. Basmati rice and curried veggie's today.

Some ice and moss on the cliff face behind me.

The view. Over the edge of the ledge is a thousand feet to the water so no going too close.

It was pretty great and wishing i had brought my hammock for a snooze.