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    Can't really say why I love your vids Blaze but I do!
    OK I've remembered something about my tarp set up and our previous discussions on going through the whoopie, I remembered it this time watching this your latest vid-because, well duh it's winter! I remembered it because as I watch this vid I wonder when it's this cold you don't go all the way to ground with your tarp...especially now as you use this Winter Palace (the cuben HammockGear tarp) see when I use this tarp (I've got the same one you do) and I want to go to ground with the tarp I have to set up the hammock very close to the ground and I have to set the tarp up very close to the hammock-that is why I go through the woopies...the result is my tarp edges touch the ground or are close enough to close the gap with snow, then close the tarp doors and you get the tent effect of up to 10 more degrees of warmth inside.
    In summer/spring/fall I do like you Blaze and set the tarp up above the hammock suspension.
    For those reading this thread who don't know what I'm talking about when I say taking the tarp to ground I've included a pic from the Mt.Rogers hang. The tarp I used on that trip was a McCat Ultra with ZQ/TQ beaks (before ZQ sewed on doors for me).
    Also for those watching Blaze's vid, when he says (I hope I'm thinking right) its -10 he means -10 Celcius which is 14 Fahrenheit.....and again for those who are converting, on this weekends intended hang on Roan, if it gets to 0 Fahrenheit then it will be -17 Celcius.
    OK the boots on the end of the PeaPod--Blaze, would you use them again? It reminded me of bees. I checked on my beehives on the mountain yesterday and the hives in town this morning. There is an opening where the bees land and an opening all around the top of the hive, you cant see the opening at the top because it has a cover-but if you occlude the top opening the bees will freeze to death-this is because moisture gets trapped in the hive. Same thing with us hangers in a way, our moisture has to pass or eventually like the bees we will get wet, and cold and wet will kill.
    Just tried the local outfitter-no UCO Micro's in stock
    Blad you are SUPER
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