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    Quote Originally Posted by Syb View Post
    I am going to judge you're thread-injecting skills... they're great. Those stitch lines are straighter than what I've done. Nice job, congrats on your first DIY. Be careful, it probably wont be the last
    Thanks. Nope, its not my last. Already planning a "Fronkey" bugnet.

    Quote Originally Posted by tncamper View Post
    Great job!
    Thank You !

    Quote Originally Posted by dragon360 View Post
    That's some Black Beauty!
    Yessir, she is

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbamaguy View Post
    Great job and I like the color too!!!!!!!! Now all you need is a tarp and quilts and your ready to go.
    I have an OWM Tarp. My JRB Greylock3 UQ and UGQ Flight Jacket TQ come in today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yukon View Post
    Looks very good to me! Congrats on your first DIY

    Quote Originally Posted by lymphocytosis View Post
    Looks sweet. Especially those whoopie slings...

    Are you planning on making a tarp to go with it?
    I am do a 3 season tarp. I played around with some sil last night and it was a pain compared to the 1.9.

    The not so black edition, black whoopies are awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by -Sasquatch- View Post
    Awesome job dude! Im doing an 11' stretch side gathered end also, but mine will be a double layer because I am double-layer sized. Your work turned out great!
    Thought about doing a DL1.1. Im 6'1" @ 225 but that 1.9 seemed to hold fine.
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    eno single
    harbor frieght
    sleeping bag
    eno crap straps
    great job !

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