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    Hammock on the AT?

    Hi All,
    I have been contemplating an AT hike for many years. As a teacher, I would need to break the hike down to two summers, so technically, not a thru-hike, but can't get the time to pull off the whole shebang in one shot.
    After reading much material, I am wondering if one could hike the entire trail with a hammock and tarp, or do you get above the tree line too often to pull that off. If it cannot be done, and you've hiked it, do you carry a tent/tarp for a portion, or try to add the weight and carry both, or do you use your hammock on the ground? Hoping some of you can give me some advice as I am in the early stages of planning this, and would like to get a good start on what I will need to carry. Thanks everyone!!
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