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    Quote Originally Posted by danfromnb View Post
    One thing you may want to note: I found that the picture on the Hennessy site made it look taller than it is. They list the measurements, I'm not saying they are misleading anyone, but the angle that the photo is taken from throws the scale off.

    I had pictured in my mind being able to put up my tarp and build snow walls around it, which I still can.... How can I explain it? The snow is the wall and the tarp is the roof right? (You sleep in the loft more than the first floor for this scenario ) Well I figured I'd have a taller roof and shorter walls than I do in reality.

    I'm still very happy with my purchase though and look forward to testing this tarp to it's limits.
    Thanks for posting this...this is kinda my concern.

    According to Hennessy's website, their Hex tarp is 144" x 120". The Typhoon lists as 120" x 90", and I'm kind of assuming that's out to the "point" on the sides. That would make the Typhoon 2 feet smaller and 2 1/2 feet less wide at least. Seems like a pretty considerable loss of coverage, kind of as you've described above.

    I have the HH Hex tarp...and frankly, it's darned forgiving. It's plenty 'tall' enough that there's a lot of safe room underneath it. I could potentially sleep low enough to bring the edges of it to the ground if I needed to.

    I'm debating on either sending it in to 2QZQ and having them attach doors to it or buying the Typhoon from HH. On one hand...a second tarp that comes with doors. But...if the tarp is considerably smaller than the hex, I may well not be happy with that. The other option is still only having one tarp...but having doors on the ends that give me a considerable amount of dry workspace underneath that tarp when the wind is howling, the rain is flying, and the beer is flowing.

    So...that's the decision I'm trying to make. Weight for me isn't a major factor in this particular choice. Any input towards that effort would be greatly appreciated.
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