Rambler thanks for the pics! Loved the ocean in the background--is that in CT?
BillyBod--who made that sock you posted? I like the port hole! is that for your breath...well duh obviously but can you look out of it too?

After having tried many systems over the last four years I do believe that a sock and a lightweight peapod like the discontinued 40F peapod are infinetly warmer than all of the parts.
My current dream is a hammock sock that is waterproof and breathable. After using the 'pull up' socks and the socks with a SEEP (Mac's hammock sock in particular) I can say I love the ease of use of the SEEP...so my dream sock would need to have the ability to seal out any rain using the seep.
Yes I'd still carry a tarp but a super super small one...just big enough to hook onto the ridgeline of the hammock suspension and provide just enough cover to cook under-maybe in cuben weighing 3 ounces-or better yet attaching just to the left and right of the top of the seep...that way you can get in and out when its pouring. Take down, just leave everything in, zip the seep shut and stuff into the pack.
The reason I'm so into the Mac type sock was because of the trauma I saw placed on the tarps this past weekend and in past super high wind hangs-the sock is just too aerodynamic to be affected.