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    Big Agnes anyone ?

    Anyone using one of their bags with a pad in the bottom, as opposed to two quilts ?

    Certainly appears less expensive and simpler, possibly more comfortable too.

    I'm studying on some cooler/cold weather hanging, and was wondering if anyone else is using these bags.

    Also seems it would be more versatile eg.. going to ground..

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    With most of us, we have no need to ever go to ground. sure, there may be some issues at times but we can work it out.

    second, in no way will i agree that a pad and Top Quilt would be better than a good underquilt, and heck no a sleepingbag (99% of the time) would ever be more comfortable over a good TQ.

    cheaper, perhaps. but you have to go with that you have access to and what works for you. but i can bet my rig if you get in a good TQ/UQ youll throw the pad/bag away
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    Hello there. My other half and I both use the big agnes with 1.75 rei self-inflating pad. The only thing I wish we had done differently was full length pad. This is a great option and inexpensive way to set yourself up to start out. We got our bags online after trying them out at rei. I also like the fact they have more room in them than typical mummy bags. I occasionly find myself rolling off the pad but its never been a big issue. Our bags are rated to 20 and I sleep with a fleece blanket. If I have a cold spot I just tuck it in the spot. A ccf pad would work as well and you can always double up for more insulation. They would need to be trimmed just a bit to fit in the sleeve. Again a fairly inexpensive way to get warm.

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    Re: BA pad

    I used a BA insulated pad fork era year and slept very well. The biggest drawback is that it is narrow and if you come off of it even a little you will wake up because you will immediately be cold. The big advantage of an UQ is not only warmth but freedom to move around and easily sleep in different positions. They are just very comfortable and super warm. I have a full length HG incubator and cannot recommend it enough. With that said, in a pinch I would use my pad again knowing I could sleep comfortably and warm. Good luck to you and happy hangin.

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    Although an underquilt is in my future, I've been hanging with pads for years. I use either a Thermarest Prolite (shorty) or a BA Insulated air core mummy pad (also the short version). Either one is perfectly comfortable and warm for 3-season use. I use my EMS Thaw 40 sleeping bag as my top quilt - it's a very conservatively rated 40 degree bag, and again, just fine for 3-season use. The big advantage to this setup is that it's ready to go to ground at any time for any reason... can't say the same for an UQ.

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    I've used a BA pad/bag combo in the hammock and really liked it. I generally prefer an UQ/TQ though.

    I'm considering one of the new NeoAir XTherm pad/quilt combinations for a CT hike that has some extended sections above tree line. That way I can hang or go to ground with the same gear.

    I'd say do whatever works best for you.

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    Yes, I have used in my hammock both Big Agnes Fishhawk (30F) and Moon Hill (0F) with closed-cell foam pads down to 17F comfortably.

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    I had the BA Lost Ranger for a while but found it a bit too restrictive with the pad in, in a hammock.

    I'm quite fidgity (sp) in my sleep so it didn't really work for me like I hoped it would.

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    I have been using a hammock for about three years now on maybe 20 outings with nothing but a pad and sleeping bag. I have tried several different pads and bags but find the Exped 9 down mat is the warmest and by far the most confortable if you are willing to carry a two pound pad. Also, you don't need a BA bag to use a pad. A lot of bags now come with pad loops on the bottom. Two brands that come to mind are REI and Sierra Designs. Another option, if you are skinny like me, is to put a CCF or thin Therm-a-rest pad right inside a wide bag with you. I Have done that on many hangs and find it works just fine.

    Having said all that, I am on the verge of getting an UQ just to see what all the fuss is about. But to be honest, I find a pad and bag work just fine.

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    I am using a Big Agnes Gunn Creek 30F bag with self-inflating pad that slide into place and secured with velcro. It works alright but not when it gets real cold. It's my only option for now until I can save up the $$$ for an UC.

    BTW, What is the weight comparison between the UC/TC vs Bag/Pad or Self-inflator?

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