Woohoo, turned 53 on RHK amid brutal but beautiful conditions. Originally planned as a 2 night event we lost our intended shuttles and ended up doing a simple overnighter to RHK. Attendees were Wisenber, Ice, Damjamman, Poof and Medicine.
No patch was given out for this event but I'm sure all will remember the winds and the cold.
I've been to RHK too many times to count and it never gets old with the wonder of the northern boreal forest that the mountain isles can provide in the south.
Poof used the Western Mountaineering Ponderosa as pod to great success and when discoverd in the morning had it unzipped even at 14.2F
I used a combo of the incredible MacIX Hammock Sock, a Leighlo 5-50 (the current cutting edge in underquilts-thanks Hangnout!), a Speer Snugfit and a Warbonnet winter Mamba.
A new burner was used, the Evernew Ti Alcohol Stove-sloooooooow but very efficicient--it needs a Clikstand!
Paul's (AHE) super sock were used for the first time in the woods in conjunction with a pair of Neos overboots and these are the bomb for warmth and convenience in cold wear.
My favorite piece of kit was the MacIX Hammock Sock. Mac showed me last year that in these conditions a tarp is not needed. After waking up and seeing the conditions of the tarps used I looked a the sleek aerodynamic hammock sock and new that this is the way to go! I checked temps inside and outside and throughout the hang it was at minimum 10F warmer inside-and NO lines tangled, stakes bent, or the noise of tarp flutter.
Mac should go into hammock history for perfecting this piece of gear.
Great meeting Ice and Damjammon even if briefly in these trying conditions.
So who wants to do it next year? Only the brave or the fool hearty!