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What i found to work was to lay the pad in the hammock and the bag on the ground next to the hammock, lay down in the hammock and get my pad situated right, then grab the sleeping bag and throw it over top of me and put my feet ALL THE WAY at the end of the footbox (KEY! if my feet shifted down from the end of the footbox the bag would almost drag me out of the hammock (nylon on nylon is SLICK!)) And if i got everything together right i was able to get really comfortable and most importantly stay in the hammock!.
WOW!! You are one determined hammocker!! I would have been dumped out on the ground if I tried all that!!! Shoot, I've got a hammock simular to your's that I only use for sitting around camp with because it's already dumped me out before.

Good luck to you and hopefully you'll come across a wider hammock soon. Keep a watch on here for people selling hammocks too, you can run across some really good deals.