was just going through some pics and realized there were a years worth of trips i never shared at hf.heres some of them.
was out every weekend of january.and a good portion of feb.all of my trips were solo with the exception of the frozen butt hang were i enjoyed the company of some other hammock forummers .
Mac and Four dog

my clark keeping me warm at -14deg f

two weeks later solo me and the clark got down to -18degf.
da wool

hauling firewood to camp.the fire alone did not seem to keep me warm had to stay active.hauling and cutting firewood did the trick.

i credit this double layer hammock chair,i filled with leaves,and every dryed weed i could find on site ,and useing as a top quilt,for keeping me cozy warm.

it had about 4 in of loft.i also used a fleece blanket and a 32deg bag on top.the clarks pockets were stuffed with wool cloths,and some down parts and pieces of some coats i had taken apart at the seems.i also had bags of cattail down harvested near camp, stuffed in the pockets.pictured are the cattail down and contents of my makeshift top quilt

love haven a big long fire in the winter.this was common throughout all my camps.

this weekend i tried out the pod system.it only got down to about 28 this night so i ended up being way to warm in my -20 bag.

also that weekend i got some fairly good pics of this wolf.

this was about 150 yrds from were i was to set up camp.camp was about a mile of trail on a small bit of high ground surrounded by black spruce swamp.i was calling predetors when he came in about 30 yrds away.i called him to about 20 yrds at this pic.he came in to about 15 yrds before spotting me and running off.what a beautiful animal he was.he acted like the prince of the area.like he owned it.my little camara did not take good enough pics by far to do him justice.

about a week later i was dragging the sled accros some remote lakes about a mile in again.i had seen numerous otter tracks and was wondering how they got back into the lake .

at exactly that moment my left leg found out.now my left leg was wet up to the thigh.

i got a fire going very quick and dryed out.

heres a shot of my sled.started useing it after my rick tote cracked up during the -18deg trip.

for those wondering what a rick tote is,me pulling it after the 1st frozen butt.

slept on the ground the first time in allmost 5 years.made this shelter and slept in it a night got down to 10 deg.not very comfy,but i had to try it.
what i started with.

my bed.spruce/fir boughs and goldenrod stems.i covered up with a wool and a fleece blanket.

useing that sled.

the next morn.i burned allot of firewood overnight.i stayed mostly warm.really missed the hammock although i had it set up about 200 yrds away,just in case.

did a few summer trips.not many pics.
woke up to this view after a night on the river

i was exploreing a new area when the road i was on dead ended into this closed down bridge.i walked accros to see if there was any good hanging on the other side.it was thick and skeetery.walking back accros the bridge i thought ,hey i bet my hammock would fit right accros here, and there would be less bugs....

the bank was a perfect spot for my campfire

also trying out my peaked tarp v2 that weekend

allmost stepped on this little cutey that weekend.

took my nephew on an overnighter canoe trip.

we fished all day ,camped on a mid river isle,fried fish and slept in hammocks.a near perfect weekend.

of course i had allredy made him his own set up.

deer season saw me back up in the boonies.stayed thirteen nights.in temps 14 to 40.no deer for me this year but i had a good time.
fully enclosed tarp.

lots of snow to start.a trackers dream.

campfire cookin every meal

some good views.superior(lake)in fact

lost lake.superior way in the background

saw some deer.

a mid dec trip i had the winters first big longfire.

hung the clark tarpless

so i could enjoy the view of the years last full moon.she was spectacular.

thanks for reading/looking.