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    So I'm one of the proponents of DIY around here, and I an certainly understand being reluctant to take on a down quilt. I sure was. My first sewing project was a hammock. Some project, all i did was hem 4 sides of a square. but it gave me the little bit of confidence I needed to go to the next project and the next. Before I knew it all I had left to make was a set of quilts. It seems terrifying, but once you realize that its only a series of straightish lines it's not too bad. My UQ (done first) took me 3 nights to do from cutting the fabric to sealing the down inside. My TQ I completed in a single night with fancy hidden seams on all sides and karo step baffles. Go slow and take your time, and before you know it you can have a set of quilts to make your hiking buddies jealous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
    Yeah I'm a REALLY cold sleeper. I love my 15 degree bag when it's about 40 (well I have to vent it every once in a while). I was checking out the surplus place on 13th for some other stuff a few days ago and looked around, but didn't even consider a poncho liner. I would probably like that for summer if not some cooler nights. Thankfully I have a mother that doesn't live all that far from me who may not be able to sew a straight line, but she sews some pretty impressive curves. I'm going to attempt to enlist her to chop up and old one and see what happens. Or if I get really ambitious I might just go with loops instead of a channel. I think I could handle that. The ccf pad with some duct taped wings from another old one is the way I'm going to go for the next couple weeks, but I think I'm too excited to wait longer than that to try something lol.
    Channels are just long loops. Get some 1.5" grosgrain, fold it in half, and let the good times roll.

    A cheap synthetic bag is a whole lot less intimidating than down for student drivers.

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    Here was my sleeping bag UQ I would change the suspension to how I now do my UQ with just 4 feet of shock cord and 2 4' peices of zing the rest of the way. Keeps everything tight against the bottom.

    But the weight is to much for the warmth value. The other UQs I made are much better in that aspect. But was a fun project and a learning experience.
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