Thanks for the good info all...

YEs this will be my go-to hammock for a while.


I was having some flappy tarp issues as well. I went unprepared (very unlike me) and didnt have enough Nite ize figure 9s with me. So i was just using self tensioning wrap around stake, probably wasn't even doing that right !!


Wowza, great video, i've seen some informative stuff but that first 4 minutes nailed it for me. The stock shock cord (try and say that 5 times fast) that comes with JRB under quilts has no real "fine tuning". Will be swapping those out asap.
Thanks. the vid was much appreciated.


Not sure i understand the shock cord over the foot box idea.. would like to see that in action


maybe someday i'll just go set up my hammock and sleep in it without any thinking at all......

Matt B.