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    Dream Hammock

    Teaser: Dream Hammock

    What if... we had a new HAAB Hammock company that produced hammocks that fit us and the way we hang?
    What if... we could get that silky feeling "parachute style" fabric in 16 different color choices?
    What if... we could get a 2.5oz fabric that would support over 500 lbs?
    What if... these hammocks were built in.... say, Fredericksburg, Ohio instead of overseas?
    What if... we always had the option of single layer or double layer?
    What if... we could get a hammock built with ONE piece of fabric, instead of pieces sewn on the edges?
    What if... we lost the bulky climbing ropes and get them with Amsteel instead?
    What if... we could lose the heavy hooks and get real suspensions on them?
    What if... we lost the attached bag and got a usable double ended stuff sack?
    What if... we could get a 90" wide hammock that was a full 12.5ft long with NO SEAMS?
    What if... we could get these features for about the same price as those imported hammocks?

    "It's a dream, Only a dream"
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