Last weekend I attended an outdoor cooking event in the Netherlands. Nothing much normally, but it turned out to be one off the coldest weekends in decades. We had the first snow of this winter. It became a chance to really put my gear through the test. More than a trip report, this is a tribute to all those who supplied the excellent products that kept me warm at -20 C (-4F).
Thanks Brandon for a comfortable Blackbird. Many thanks to Stormcrow and Thorwren for very well performing Crowsnest and Burrow. Brians MatCat Deluxe kept me dry. It is a pity he stopped making excellent tarps.

Just a few impressions to make it a trip report.

My setup

Among many heated tipi tents. The smoke in the background is the start up of char coal making.

Diner, a wild boar will follow!

Condensation issue

Sunday morning. Coffee, tea and bread in the making.