Greetings! I am excited to become a part of this expanding community of people. Looking through several posts over the last few hours, I knew I should join and take a more active part.

I am a former Eagle Scout who is now helping my son work his way through the BSA program. I spent a few nights in hammocks in my youth, but mainly as a novelty. Now, I am looking for a way to get a better nights sleep and not have to carry so much gear on my tired, old back!

I do not have any gear specific to hammock camping, but i figured this was the best place to start! I plan to spend a few more hours poking around the forums and trying to get up to speed. Please, anyone with any thoughts or suggestions, don't be shy. I have a lot to learn. I understand I am coming from a stance of ignorance, but i hope to change that with the help of these forums!